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About Us Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor  Phnom Penh

Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh is a private shooting range company and licensed shooting range in Phnom Penh of Cambodia. Therefore, everyone can come to get a new and unique experience of real-life with authentic weapons like, AK 47s, M 16s, PKM machine Guns, RPDs, K57s, M79s (Grenade Launchers), Hand Grenades, RPG (Bazookas, Rocket Launchers) and 50 Caliber (the BEAST).



We have been in the shooting range business for more 2 decades so everyday  we provide a real shooting range (authentic guns and ammo) to every clients. “this experience is the unique that we haven’t done in our past traveling” clients said.

So, based on our 2 decades experience in the shooting range business we always offer best firing range.

Before firing any riffles or big weapons (RPG Bazooka Rocket Launcher), we usually give our valuable clients instructions. 

We are professional at  provide shooting range package tours:

Private Shooting Range Tour

Sharing Shooting Range Tour

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