/ Wifi up/down shoot@cambodiashoot.com/ cambodiashoot@gmail.com
Call or whatsapp/viber @ +85589797079   

The benefits of coming with us and why choose us!

1: Free transport to up and down the outdoor range

2: Pick up at hotel/guesthouse’s doors, bus stations, Airports, tourist attraction sites and anywhere around Phnom Penh, please make requests. we are more than happy to follow you

3: Private shooting range package tours (Please let know your budgets or what types of guns would like to shoot then we will immediately reply you within a possible estimated cost)

4: Joining  Shooting Range or Pairing shooting range package tours

5: 15% discount on amount (please visit price list menu)

6: Cold beers/soft drinks, Edited videos, (video drone services) are the long lasting memories from our Outdoor Shooting Range company.

7: we have never rushed or forced to shoot

8: we always provide some instructions before firing any weapons

9: We always provide an unforgettable experience to participators, please visit the YouTube videos, Up-Dating Videos are stored in it



To get the complimentary, please make a booking with us in advance @ +85589797079 Email: cambodiafr@gmail.com cambodiashoot@gmail.com shoot@cambodiashoot.com

* Notations, Please call/WhatsApp us yourself @ +85589797079 Email: cambodiashoot@gmail.com shoot@cambodiashoot.com there are several indoor shooting range companies, when you’re asking the hotel receptionists or tuk tuk/taxi drivers to call us, they likely call the wrong numbers or wrong places.

Please, call, email and speak with us directly

We are the number one outdoor shooting/Firing Range in Phnom Penh and the only one Cambodia Shooting/Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh and #1 Shooting Range in TripAdvisor, based on the reasons.

We are located at a mountainous area of Phnom Penh, takes 90-120 minutes by driving cars, single way, Kompong Speu Province. Phnom Penh<->Sihanoukville,  we can also make a taxi arrangement for you. (For both directions). Please contact us

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