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Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh

Best Cambodia Shooting Range , AK47, M16, PKM/M60, K-57, M79 (Grenade Launchers), RPDs, Hand Grenades, 50 Calbers and RPGs (Bazooka, B40, Rocket Launchers) Complimentary like, 15% discount, Cold beers, Free transport, Photos, Edited videos and Videos Drone Service Please Call or WhatsApp/Viber directly: +85589797079 Email cambodiashoot@gmail.com

The benefits of coming with us and why choose us!

1: Free transport to up and down the outdoor range
2: Pick up at hotel/guesthouse’s doors, bus stations, Airports, tourist attraction sites and anywhere around Phnom Penh, please make requests. we are more than happy to follow you
3: Private shooting range package tours (Please let know your budgets or what types of guns would like to shoot then we will immediately reply you within a possible estimated cost)
4: Joining  Shooting Range or Pairing shooting range package tours

5: 15% discount on amount (please visit price list menu)

6: Cold beers/soft drinks, Edited videos, (video drone services) are the long lasting memories from our Outdoor Shooting Range company.

7: we have never rushed or forced to shoot

8: we always provide some instructions before firing any weapons

9: We always provide an unforgettable experience to participators, please visit the YouTube videos, Up-Dating Videos are stored in it



To get the complimentary, please make a booking with us in advance @ +85589797079 Email: cambodiafr@gmail.com cambodiashoot@gmail.com shoot@cambodiashoot.com

* Notations, Please call/WhatsApp us yourself @ +85589797079 Email: cambodiashoot@gmail.com shoot@cambodiashoot.com there are several indoor shooting range companies, when you’re asking the hotel receptionists or tuk tuk/taxi drivers to call us, they likely call the wrong numbers or wrong places.

Please, call, email and speak with us directly

We are the number one outdoor shooting/Firing Range in Phnom Penh and the only one Cambodia Shooting/Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh and #1 Shooting Range in TripAdvisor, based on the reasons.

We are located at a mountainous area of Phnom Penh, takes 90-120 minutes by driving cars, single way, Kompong Speu Province. Phnom Penh<->Sihanoukville,  we can also make a taxi arrangement for you. (For both directions). Please contact us

Rocket Launcher

Shoot Rocket launcher in Cambodia is the range where you can shoot it directly into a long mountain or targets is more one the must things to do...
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Fucking sweet rpg cambodia

Traveling to Cambodia you are opportunity to shoot authentic weapons like Ak 47, M16, PKM machine guns, RPG (Bazooka or rocket launcher) Hand...
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Firing RPG Bazooka

shoot rpg is the one of the best things to do in Cambodia and when you are traveling to Phnom Penh of Cambodia. Please take steps to visit us...
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