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cambodia shooting range english cambodian translator interpreteInterpretation and Translations are the way to communicate between languages to other languages or source language to target language.

Cambodia English Translation and Interpretation Services is a method to connect Cambodian’s culture to other people or countries

Coming with us, Cambodia shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh you can be got those services (shooting range and personal interpreter at the same day )

If you are traveling to Cambodia intend to do the shooting range and 

It’s easy for any gun shooter who wishes to communicate with local people in the regions 

Beside gun shooting range if you want to have personal interpreter and translator for your business in Cambodia, please come with me


I’m also doing private interpreter Cambodian well known Khmer <->English and if you the service please contact me @whatsapp,viber or call +85589797079 email cambodiashoot@gmail.com I also have been in the translation/interpretation field for many years


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