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Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh

Best Cambodia Shooting Range , AK47, M16, PKM/M60, K-57, M79 (Grenade Launchers), RPDs, Hand Grenades, 50 Calbers and RPGs (Bazooka, B40, Rocket Launchers) Complimentary like, 15% discount, Cold beers, Free transport, Photos, Edited videos and Videos Drone Service Please Call or WhatsApp/Viber directly: +85589797079 Email cambodiashoot@gmail.com

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Q, How long does it take from phnom penh capital to the Cambodia shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh ?

A, It will be take approximately 90-120 minutes, single drive by cars (suv)

How much i/we need to spend at the Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh ?

A, you and your group have to spend 350$ on your shooting budgets.

May/we can get a free transport from my hotel in/around phnom penh the cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh ?

A, yes of course you can! but you/group are needed to be spent 350$ your on shooting range budgets then you are given free transport to up and down the cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh, cold beers, videos shooting and customized and english speaking driver. 

Can we visit to Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh and visit the killing field and S 21, Toul Sleng genocide museum at the same day ?

A. yes, you need to go early like , 7 am 7.30 and 8.00



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