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Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh

Best Cambodia Shooting Range , AK47, M16, PKM/M60, K-57, M79 (Grenade Launchers), RPDs, Hand Grenades, 50 Calbers and RPGs (Bazooka, B40, Rocket Launchers) Complimentary like, 15% discount, Cold beers, Free transport, Photos, Edited videos and Videos Drone Service Please Call or WhatsApp/Viber directly: +85589797079 Email cambodiashoot@gmail.com

Please! directly call or email us, for free transportation to the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh. There are three  types of Cambodia Shooting Range Club, two are indoor and one is outdoor. The outdoor range is the most visited by woldwide tourists who want to blow bazooka RPG  and throw a hand grenade and fire caliber. 

We can pick visitor up at  any places like hotel and public field just contact us.  

Frequenctly Ask Questions

1.Q. Do we  need to make  a reservation before we coming to the range ? 

   A.Yes ! You should make an arrangement before coming to the gun range, it provides a conveniece way for us to prepare some ammunitions for  you. 

2. Q, Can we/I go to the Killing Field, the Genocide Museum and shooting range at the same day ?

    A, Of course you can, just get up early and it does not matter about outdoor range

3. Q, How long does it take from Phnom Penh Riverside Royal Palace to the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh?
    A, It takes about one hour and half to two hours.

4. Q, What methods do I/we pay to Cambodia Firing Ragne Outdoor Phnom Penh, like Pay Pal, Visa Cards ?

   A, At the range, we need cashes, Pay Pal and Visa Cards are on the way to the Cambodia Firing Range Ooutdoor Phnom Penh. We can spot and then you can take your monies from them.

5. Q, What kinds of targets do we/I shoot to ?

    A, There are many targets that you can fire to such as: Gas tanks, house huts and giant barrells ect.

6. Q, Can we/I fire animals ?

    A, No, it is violation to Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh policies.

7. Q, what is the minimiun budgets to spend for the shootings ?

    A, Group and personal gun range visitors need to spend at for least usd 350 on your gun range tours.  

8. Q, How much does it cost for transporting from hotels/guest houses in Phnom Penh to the Cambodia Firing Range Outdoor Phnom Penh ?

    A, Thanks! We provide free transportation to our clients from hotels/geust houses in Phnom Penh to the range and back

9. Q, Where can we meet each other in Phnom Penh ? 

   A, Please let us know where you are staying in Phnom Penh and what time you want to go out and then everything will be fine. We can greet our gun range visitors at any place around Phnom Penh such as: hotels, guest houses and public places. If in early morning, you want us to greet you in front Royal Palace Riverside (Sisowath Quay) is fine because the Royal Palace is the starting spot.  


Visiting Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh


  • Always follow the rules of the Shooting Range. If you do aren’t familiar with them… be sure to ask.
  • When you are not shooting, be sure to keep the safety on to avoid accidental discharges.
  • The gun should either be pointed at the ground or the target.
  • Be certain to get the ‘all clear’ before setting any targets on the range. Make sure that everyone is aware of what you are doing as well. Don’t assume!
  • Don’t point a gun at a target while others are setting up targets.
  • Make sure to wear ear protection and make sure others are wearing ear protection before shooting.
  • Don’t shoot anything other then a target.
  • Always be sure to have FUN!!!
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